Pistachio Macarons (To be revisited)

Wow… my last post was in 2014. Now that’s some serious procrastination. I’ve been procrasti-baking of course, but haven’t got around to taking photos or posting anything on this. This blog post was meant to be about gingerbread men that I made in December 2015… but let’s just say it’s a bit far gone and I’ve forgot the recipe!

(Ok… So, I wrote that previous paragraph about a year ago… I’m a disgrace!)

I’ll admit I’m quite an amateur when it comes to making macarons but I’m determined to eventually perfect them. Now when I made these about a year ago (oops…) they worked out quite well. I even think I still have some of the buttercream in the freezer… which I now realise I should really throw out.

According to my draft from last year, the recipe I used is from The Extraordinary Art of Cake. But… I have a vague recollection that I used a different buttercream recipe. I figured despite my forgetfulness and procrastination, I’d post the photos I took at the time and come back to this later!

1.101    1.97
To be continued…